Store Specials


Accent CDs and Tapes, now 40% off:  We are closing out our Accent and Dialect inventory, because most of the companies are now using downloads instead of producing CDs and tapes. Among the companies we carry are CDs by Gillian Lane Plescia, "Acting With An Accent," and Paul Meier Dialect Services. Some of the CDs and tapes available (unless sold recently) are New York City Accents for Actors, Australia and New Zealand accents, Accents of the American South, British North Country, Scottish, Yiddish, German, Boston, and Liverpool. Sale includes in-stock items only.




COSTUME SALE RACK:  Our bargain racks are overflowing. In fact, they seem to be breeding, because we now have seven of them. These are former rental costumes that are now a little too worn for rental, or have pieces or a package missing. Come buy some of these treasures. We have things on the sale rack at prices you will not believe.  Thrift store prices or better.  We now have a bargain rack for dancewear also, 50% off selected dancewear, including some leotards, dance pants, and shrugs. Come browse!