Customer and Staff Photo Gallery

We love it when customers share their photos with us. Here are a few from our first year of business:


 Renaissance Wedding snapshots

























Dwane and Rodney at the Maryland Renaissance Festival





 Jerry took this Uncle Sam costume all the way to Europe to surprise his family.









At left, "Violet Beauregard" from the slow "Willy Wonka Jr." at Rocky Run Middle School. This custom costume is slowly inflating on-stage to turn the character into a blueberry!







Mark Twain-era costumes for a riverboat cruise







The Greek god Poseidon (or is it the Roman god Neptune?) 






This elegant lady was thrilled to win a school costume contest 








A church group in historical costume and makeup (scars) for a Black History Month event 






The student actors in "Pride and Prejudice" look marvelous in Regency styles.




Snapshots taken at the store:


Evan and Kelsey arrr-guing on "Talk Like A Pirate Day" 






Rosita and Kelsey as Cinderella and Belle 











Kelsey as "Alice in Wonderland" 






 Paul "getting into character" in one of our many elegant colonial costumes





Rip as "Wilfred" from the television show of the same name (left)









Rip again, as Noah looking for his Ark, and a shepherd, and a snowman....