CrownCostume jewelry takes on a whole new meaning at the American Backstage Company.  Here are just some of the items we carry:

Crowns:  We have Renaissance, Byzantine, and Medieval crowns; Greek crowns with laurel leaves; Germanic crowns with cloth that you can change if you want a different color; a Medusa crown; a Guinevere style headpiece; and mini crowns like the Queen of Hearts in "Alice in Wonderland."

TiaraTiaras:  So pretty and sparkly, for pageants and proms and anytime you want to be a princess.  We have many different patterns from Sunnywood, some in silver tone and some in gold tone.  The size is adjustable - ask us how to do it.  These tiaras are priced starting at $10 and going up to $150.  We have been delighted with the unsurpassed quality and value of these tiaras.

Leather items:  Real leather gauntlets, belt bags, potion bottle with holder, and sword belts.

ScepterBracelets and Bracers:  The wide bracers are for warriors, the narrower bracelets are for queens and princesses and warrior maidens.  We have many styles including Goth and Celtic.

Cleopatra's armbandCleopatra-wear:  You can't be Cleopatra without this flexible golden snake that can be worn as an armband, a neck piece, or a headpiece.

Other:  Flashing skull rings like The Phantom!  Scepters!  Cape clasps!