Holiday Gift Guide

If you're looking for gifts for theatrical performers, the American Backstage Company is a great place to do your shopping. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Theatrical Makeup Gifts:

- Creme Personal Makeup Kits from Ben Nye are best-sellers at our store. These affordable kits are used by acting students in college, high school, and middle school, as well as community theater groups. They come in a range of skin tones. Theatrical makeup has 4x the amount of pigment as regular everyday makeup. Fits into a Christmas stocking!

- Serious actors would love the Ben Nye Creme Makeup Kit. At $55 it is a bargain compared with the price of the individual items.

- How about a set of fangs for your vampire enthusiast? Many styles of fangs are available in a range of prices..

- Another terrific stocking stuffer for only $15.95, one of Ben Nye's pocket-sized specialty "wheels" for special makeup needs, such as the Zombie Wheel, the Monster Wheel, Clown Wheel, or the Fireworks Wheel that is popular for raves!

- Fantasy Ears for fans of "Lord of the Rings" and other elf-related stories

- Glitz It will make your skin shine and shimmer like an evening star. For a brighter, colorful sparkle, we have colored Aqua Giltter in many colors.

- Rosita's Favorites are the step-by-step 3D Effects Kits. She loves their detailed instructions that help even novice makeup artists get great results. There's a darling cat/lion kit, as well as one to create a Werewolf, a comic book villain, a ghoul, and more.

- Sandy's Favorites for stocking stuffers are temporary tattoos and false eyelashes!

- Do you know a serious makeup artist in training? We can special-order the Master Production Makeup Kit for professional makeup artists, $135.

- Another outstanding special-order makeup collection is the Basic Moulage Training Kit, for emergency re-enactment professionals, film makers, and anybody who wants to create trauma, burns, cuts, bruises, blisters, and the like.


Gift Suggestions for Dancers:

- A gift certificate for dance shoes. We do not recommend purchasing dance shoes without a fitting, so bring the dancer into the store to make a selection. If we don't have it, we can order it.

- Professional dance bags by Capezio, with pockets for dancewear and shoes, and a separate section for clean and dirty dance clothing.

- Fun dancewear such as wrap skirts, or how about dance harem pants and belly dance scarves for Arabian style dancing? We can special order flamenco skirts too.

- It wouldn't be Christmas without a new tutu! We have a whole wall of them.

- Stocking stuffers: Dance socks or "toe caps," or the ultimate stocking stuffer, tights! Colors, stripes, fishnets, we have a dazzling selection.

- Dancers also need theatrical makeup, so check that section for more ideas.




Creative Gifts for Kids:

We carry many fabulous products from Melissa & Doug. We love this company's products, which are well-made and encourage imaginative play. Among our Melissa and Doug selections, we have puppets, children's dress-up and role-playing costumes, face-painting kits, magic kits, and other items ideal for holiday gifts for the children in your life. Rip was thrilled to discover Melissa & Doug's version of a favorite from his childhood, the Fashion Design Activity Kit.


Magic Gifts:

We already know that holidays can be magical, and magic kits and tricks make wonderful presents. We recommend the Hocus Pocus Magic Set and Secrets of the Great Magicians, among our selection of kits. As a stocking stuffer, how about some trick cards, or the color changing handkerchiefs, or mystic smoke (no fire involved)? We have magician hats starting at $9.95, and books on magic and illusion.


Superhero Gifts:

 - Very popular this year, Superhero T-shirts with capes! We have Superman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Robin, Wolverine, and other styles.

- Superhero gloves for stocking stuffers. We have stretch gloves as well as the gauntlet style.

- Steampunk accessories make awesome gifts for cosplayers.

- Don't forget to browse our wigs, boots, corsets, and costume jewelry.


Gifts for Actors:

- You can't go wrong with a good book. Our book room has the area's largest selection of scripts and books about acting and theatre.

- Actors love costume pieces such as capes, and accessories such as hats and wigs.

- Accent and Dialect CDs and tapes are fun and some are stocking-stuffer size. We are currently offering these at 40% off their original price, in stock items only. We have Scottish, Yiddish, Boston, New York City, and many other accents.

- Coming soon, Rip's choices for Five Books Every Actor Should Own


Five Books Every Actor Should Own