Costume Rental and Sales:

One of our beautiful rental gownsThe American Backstage Company has a huge costume rental department as well as packaged costumes for sale, from Samson and Delilah to Sonny and Cher, as well as fantasy characters from television and film. Custom costumes and plus-size costumes are also available. 

What do we have? A partial list of our rental costume inventory can be found here. If we don't have it, we can get it or make it!

Boots and shoes From Santas to Easter Bunnies, Batman and Darth Vader to sexy French Maids, we have every costume you might want.  We provide costumes for high school musicals, professional theatrical productions, masquerade parties, Cosplay and Comicon events, church plays and pageants, store promotions, singing telegrams, films, and Halloween events. 

Visit our store in Alexandria for:

• Packaged Costumes: Scary, Comedic, Superhero & Sexy
• Wall of Wigs: Celebrity, Afros, 80s Mullets
• Political, Ghoulish, & Glamorous Masks
• Chicago Themes (Flappers & Gangsters)
• Wings of All Types: Angels, Fairies, Bumblebees & Ladybugs
• Cigarette Holders, Swords, & Feather Boas

Hats from Pimps to Pirates
• Funky & Striped Tights
• Ben Nye Theatrical Makeup
• 70s and 80s Costumes
• Holiday Costumes

Hats High School and Community Theatre Musicals 

We love working with schools and community groups to costume your shows.  We have pieces that work for just about any musical you might be planning.  For example, we have costumes for "Grease," "Chicago," "Guys and Dolls," "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," "Camelot," and plenty of others.  Call us and we'll fill you in on how we can help with your costuming challenges.  We have special rates for full show rentals for schools.




Custom Costumes

Custom costume work is also available. We design or use your designs to create whatever you need, such as mascot-style character costumes and employee uniforms with company logos for major companies and organizations as well as competition dance-sport and figure skating events. Custom work

(At left, a custom Carmen Miranda hat. At right, a seamstress works on a special order for a school musical - an outfit that contains an hidden inflatable, can you guess the show?)

1812 Era Costumes, Photo by Diane Williams 

Historic Costumes

We rent costumes from many historical periods, from Biblical times through the 1980s.  Some are vintage, other reproductions.


At left:  "Dolley Madison" and "Paul Jennings" (actors Marcia French and Chaz Pando) in 1812-era costumes rented from the American Backstage Company.  Many thanks to filmmaker Diane Williams for permission to use this photo, from her film "When Was the War of 1812?"






(Below, an outrageous 70s Pimp,  and Civil War soldiers from both sides of the conflict.)



Black History Month costumes 

At left:  Costumes and makeup from American Backstage helped make a Black History Month program look truly authentic, at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Arlington, VA. 









Below left:  Some of our gorgeous rental gowns.

Below right: Moses, a gangster, and a knight