Scripts etc.Books of plays, scripts, and books about the theatre are a specialty at American Backstage.  In fact, our predecessor store, Backstage Inc., began as a bookstore and wandered into costumes as a sideline!  There are only a few theatrical bookstores left in the entire United States, and we are proud to be one of them.
MagazinesWhether you are looking for a particular play or interested in browsing to find the perfect monologue, our Book Room is the place you want to come.  We have thousands of playscripts as well as a huge selection of books about costuming, props, stage makeup, acting technique, auditioning, and other aspects of the profession.

Regular bookstores may have seven or eight books of monologues.  At American Backstage, we have an entire bookcase full of them.  Monologues for men, women, teens, and children.  Classical monologues, edgy monologues, you name it. 

American Backstage also carries theatrical magazines and a wide selection of sheet music books for musical theatre.  Dialect tapes and CDs too!
When you buy from us, you can look through the books first, take your purchases home with you right away, and there is never a shipping fee.