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  • Wednesday Special

    Wednesday Wigs - you can't top this special! This Wednesday only, our entire inventory of wigs are 10% off. The wigs in plastic boxes are 20% off. In-stock items only.  

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  • Broadway Quality Wigs

    Wigs wigs wigs! We just received a huge shipment from Lacey Wigs. Lacey has been manufacturing theatrical wigs for over a hundred years. We're getting in so many wonderful wig styles, from Marie Antoinette to Dorothy to clowns to colonial wigs to afros to flapper wigs. You may be wondering what theatrical wigs are. They are much more reasonably priced than "street quality" wigs, but are not the cheap throwaway "party quality" items. Because of the way they are woven, they are lighter and more comfortable under stage lights than street wigs, and are durable to last for the run...

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