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  • Invited to a party?

    Whether it's called Mardi Gras, Carnivale, Fasching, or one of the other regional festivals, you will definitely need a mask. We carry masks for all the different traditions. Fasching masks tend to be full-face; the Carnivale style are more often the half-face masks we are more accustomed to. Mardi Gras masks in the French tradition tend to be feathered or set with jewels and glitter. Just because a mask has feathers or rhinestones doesn't mean it's a women's mask! The shape is a better indicator; masks for women tend to be more curvy, and the men's masks feature sharper angles....

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  • Holiday Costumes at American Backstage Company

    Christmas is a big season at our store. Our Santa Claus costumes are the busiest outfits in the rental department, with some of the Santa suits expected to attend as many as 12 events this month. Most are the classic Santa in red and white, but we also have variations such as Saint Nicholas and Father Christmas, and several versions of Mrs. Claus in sizes from 4-22. Our rental Santas come with a wig and beard, which we wash and style inbetween rentals. They also come with belts and boot-tops (these are vinyl or naugahyde coverings for shoes, to give...

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