• Exciting news for actors with allergies

    Theatrical makeup can cause problems for people with allergies, and we can help. Please let us know if you are allergic to bees, for example, so we can sell you a makeup type that uses petroleum as a base rather than beeswax.

    We are very excited about a new "special effects" makeup product for people allergic to latex (about 3 people in 100). Next month we will be getting in our first order of a new water-based substitute for latex prosthetics. This is great news because it will allow latex-allergic people to transform into aliens and elves! The water-based product can also be used for scars and bald caps, and can be color-matched very precisely. We're happy this is becoming available prior to Halloween.

    Face paint and body paint also come in different formulations. Talk to us about any allergy concerns you may have.

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