• Ben Nye Student Theatrical Makeup Kits

    Ben Nye KitsJust in time for your spring shows, we are offering a great price for group orders of Ben Nye's theatrical makeup kits for students.  If a group orders 20 or more, we'll give you a great discount per kit.  Regular price is $17.95, which is still lower than you'll find online.

    Ben Nye makeup is designed specifically for theatrical use, with four times the amount of pigment found in everyday makeup.  The personal kits provide professional quality makeup and strict hygiene for each actor.  The kits include:  Creme Foundation, Four Color Contour Palette with Creme Rouge, Highlight, Shadow and Lip color, Face Powder, Powder Puff, Eyebrow Pencil, Flat Brush, Sponge Applicator, Stipple Sponge.

    Colors:  The Ben Nye kits come in eight shades, each with appropriate foundation color, pencils, face powder, and contour palette.  The best way to select a shade is to come in person and get matched on our tester board.  (We don't show makeup colors online because every computer monitor shows colors slightly differently and it is misleading).  Here's a general guide to the shades:

    PK 0 (zero): Fair: Lightest = Almost porcelain
    PK 1:  Fair: Light/Medium = Standard Caucasian
    PK 2: Fair: Tan = Suntanned Caucasian
    PK 3: Olive: Fair/Medium = Light-skinned Hispanic
    PK 4: Olive: Deep = Medium-skinned Hispanic and light-skinned African American
    PK 4.5 Brown: Light = Dark-skinned Hispanic and almost light-skinned African American
    PK 5 Brown: Medium = Medium-skinned African American
    PK 6 Brown: Dark = Dark-skinned African American

    Note:  If any of your cast members have allergy issues with beeswax (contained in this product), we can order petroleum based makeup from Mehron, or Crylon, which is a little more expensive.

    With orders of 30 kits or more, we offer free makeup workshops here at our store in Alexandria.  Send your makeup crew or the whole class for a 20-minute tutorial and demonstration of Stage Makeup Basics, including proper makeup application and safety.   Call or e-mail us to schedule.Just in time for high school musicals and other spring shows, we are offering a great price for group orders of Ben Nye's student theatrical makeup Personal Kits.

    Please get your kit orders in as soon as possible to take advantage of this special bulk price.  It takes 10 business days for the kits to come in from California. 

    Makeup removal:  We carry an excellent all-purpose makeup remover from Ben Nye called Quick Cleanse.  Some performers swear by this product.  Others find that unscented baby wipes work as well as anything else.  Many like to use an astringent such as Seabreeze, which can be bought at the drugstore, to clean out the pores.  This is particularly helpful for teen actors and others prone to acne.  After makeup removal, don't forget to use moisturizing products that work best for your own skin.

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