• This just in!

    Wigs! Eyelashes! Mustaches! Sideburns! Beards! We just got in a HUGE order from Lacey's.

    Lacey Costume Wigs has been the main purveyor of wigs to the New York City theatrical community for almost a hundred years. These are not the cheap throw-aways. They are theatrical-quality products you won't find at a party store or Walmart, though they are priced well below the price point of the "street wear" wigs.

    Our best-sellers from Lacey are the Showgirl wigs ($39.95-$89.95 depending on quality -- we do not carry their bargain-packaged line), Colonial wigs for men and women (starting at $24.95), clown wigs ($9.95 and up), Mrs. Doubtfire ($24.95), and our top-selling female character wig, Cruella deVille, in several different cruel styles!

    EYELASHES are not all created equal! We now carry the complete Lacey's line of theatrical eyelashes. These are not "drugstore eyelashes." They are much fuller, more glamorous, more theatrical, and will really make your eyes "pop." Call-out to our drag queen customers -- Ladies, the 300s and 301s are in!

    FACIAL HAIR: Just in time to perfect your Steampunk looks for Awesomecon. We have loads of theatrical-quality beards. Lincoln, Charlie Chaplin, Duck Dynasty, Freud, goatees, sideburns, you name it! We carry the complete color line, from white to blonde to auburn to black. New to our store, we now carry Lacey's eyebrow and mustache sets, great for Groucho or Mark Twain. Also spirit gum, spirit gum remover, and Topstick strips. For the party and Halloween crowd, who might not want to deal with adhesive, we also have many beards that have elastic.



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