• Santa Claus is Coming to Town

    Christmas WallChristmas is a big season at our store. Our Santa Claus costumes are the busiest outfits in the rental department, with some of the Santa suits expected to attend as many as 12 events this month. Most are the classic Santa in red and white, but we also have variations such as a medieval style Saint Nicholas and an old fashioned Father Christmas, and several versions of Mrs. Claus in sizes from 6-3X. Shrug and Hat Our rental Santas come with a wig and beard, which we wash and style inbetween rentals. They also come with belts and boot-tops (these are vinyl or naugahyde coverings for shoes, to give the appearance of boots). Many traditional Santa accessories are available to purchase, from glasses to pipes to gloves to bags.

    Rental prices for Santa are $100, $125, and $150, depending on model and size.

    the rental period for Santa and other Christmas costumes is 24 hours rather than our usual 48. The jolly old elf has a busier social life than anyone else!

    This year's newest Santa is the Premium Velvet Santa, which is available for purchase for $600 (while supply lasts) and to rent for $150.

    Our seasonal costume rental selection is much broader than just red fur and beards. We have mascot-style Reindeer, a Snowman, a Christmas Tree, a Christmas Bear, a Christmas Mouse, a Gingerbread Boy, and a Nutcracker. We have several styles of Christmas Elves, too! We have costumes for productions of "A Christmas Carol" and enough Biblical costumes for four pageants (including the Three Kings, Shepherds, Angels, Mary and Joseph, Innkeepers, etc.).

    Katy in mask Masks

    In the costume sales department, we have a great assortment of costumes suitable for Pub Crawls and holiday parties, priced from $18.95 on up. Some of the most popular items include the Shrug and Santa Hat (pair with your own party dress and shoes), Mr. Peppermint, sassy Miss Claus, and the lightweight Pub Crawl Santa. Of course we have beards, mustaches, and Santa eyebrows in our theatrical makeup department. Body glitter is popular this season.

    If you're already looking beyond Christmas to New Year's Eve and Mardi Gras, remember that we have a large supply of masks and can custom-make unique masks to complement your attire. Whatever your costume needs for the holiday season, the American Backstage Company is here to serve you.


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