• Halloween 2014 in the Rear View Mirror

    Many thanks to our customers and staff who made our store's second Halloween a bang-up success. We are still gasping for breath after the Halloween Week rush, and of course all our costumes have to be laundered before they can be returned to inventory!

    This Halloween was a “hairy” one. Loads and loads of people decided at the last minute to be Werewolves, and we ran out of hair and spirit gum. A big surprise was the overwhelming demand for black and white makeup. The animated feature film "Book of Life" seems to have been the catalyst. Everyone suddenly wanted the "sugar skull" style of makeup. All our makeup suppliers ran out of black and white. It reminded us of the year when "Black Swan" was a hit movie and black tutus were a last minute craze. You can't always predict which movie is going to inspire people’s imaginations at the last minute.

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