• Pirates! Arr Arr Arr!

    Friday, September 19th, is "International Talk Like A Pirate Day" and we arr ready! We have dozens of pirate costumes to rent and buy, from boy and girl costumes to adult costumes in sizes 2 to 24 for women, and up to size 3X for men. In this picture, Kelsey is modeling a pirate dress and hat that rent for $35 (cutlass and boots are extra). Evan wears a classic colonial naval coat of the type many historical pirates would have worn, with an all-in-one pirate scarf with braids, which would rent for $50 for the jacket, sash, and choice of hat. Fancy shirts and boot tops and pants are available for additional rental. This year we've added, from Foothills Creations, their Yo Ho Ho gold pirate tooth -- a fake tooth to fit over your own tooth to give you that piratical golden gleam. "Talk Like a Pirate Day" is even better when you DRESS like a pirate as well.


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