• Gilded Age Musings

    Now popular: Gilded Age styles! Think Lillie Langtry, think Mae West, think Downton Abbey. These late-VIctorian early-Edwardian gowns are gorgeous, and we have several gowns in every size from 2 to 2X. But there's a catch, dear customers. You have to come in to try them on. Yes, really. They look completely different on the hanger than they look on people, and these styles look very different on different figures.

    Rip gives the example of a fabulous black-and-white gown that is very popular and rents often. This particular gown fits sizes 4-8, because of the way it laces at the back, and it simply does not look the same on any two people. A picture

    won't tell you what you want to know, which is, how it looks on YOU. You can't tell how a fruit will taste by looking at a picture, right?

    So. Trust us, we have them, and if you come into our store you can try on several to decide which brings out your best Gilded Age identity.

    About the picture: Yes, it's Cinderella and Belle (modeled by Rosita and Kelsey). These dresses are actually in the early Gilded Age style, but of course they have their own identity and are not what we would offer you for a general Gilded Age costume event.


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