• Most popular costumes 2017

    Ok every year I get asked for this list of what the most popular Halloween costumes are as we get close I have now had enough requests to gage the costumes that will full this year. This year is among the most diverse ever for the wide array of the requests.
    13) outlander- popular show the 18th century Scotland tale brings romance and adventure.
    12) Zombies still popular but slowing down from last five years.
    11) Game of Thones political intrigue in medieval clothing.
    10) The Roaring twenties are still Roaring.
    9) Lederhosen and dirndls German folk lore is in - I have had three time the normal requests this year. Wunderbar
    8)Beauty and the Beast is leading a fairy tale return Alice and once upon a time too
    7) Victorian inspired by series young Victoria
    6) Handmaidens another series and reaction to administration
    5) Pirates up a little from last year
    4)Newt Scamander from fantastic beasts
    3) Steampunk this sci fi staple has a growing fan base
    2) It - killer clowns are back
    1) The year of the superheroine Wonder Woman, Supergirl, batgirl, are here to save the day-but do not worry, as well as the over-sexualized versions that are there, you can find many other versions of them.
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